bookmark_borderKDE Gear 22.12.2 available on Fedora 37

After the announcement upstream, Fedora’s @kde-sig follows up by making KDE Gear 22.12.2 available on Fedora 37.

As per Fedora’s policy, the software will first land on updates-testing and after receiving feedback and karma it will land on the updates repository.

If you want to help, make sure to follow the instructions on the update. You only need to run:

sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-17c31eabf7

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bookmark_borderIntroducing @kdesig/kde-beta COPR

We at the @kde-sig are happy to announce we have created a COPR repository which currently contains the KDE Plasma 5.27.0 Beta (aka: 5.26.90).

We intend to use this COPR repository in the future for KDE beta releases so that those Fedora users who want to help the KDE Community can test and report bugs to the KDE developers.

Enabling this COPR repository is very simple:

sudo dnf copr enable @kdesig/kde-beta
sudo dnf update

Your system should now have the Plasma Beta:

Plasma 5.26.90!

For our users using Kinoite, you should check out this blog post by @siosm

That’s all for now.

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bookmark_borderTizen SDK on Fedora 26

I recently bought a Samsung Gear S3 which uses Tizen as its operating system.

As I have been trying to improve my development skills, I would also like to develop some app for the watch ( my first thought was something related to Telegram ).

Let’s start with installing the SDK!

Get the SDK from here. Samsung doesn’t officially support anything other than Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu but I thought I could give a try to installing it on my Fedora Workstation.

Once I downloaded the installer and tried to run it:

chmod +x web-ide_Tizen_Studio_1.2_usa_ubuntu-64.bin  

There is apparently something not right:
run installer

So some dependencies are missing? let’s install them:

dnf install libgnome qemu-user expect  

install dependencies

Triggering again the installer brought me to this:
OpenJDK not supported

If you follow the link suggested:

java jdk webpage.

Trying to download the JDK will lead you to:

sdk rpm download

Download the 64 bits RPM (after agreeing to the license, of course…)

Now it’s time to install it:

dnf install jdk-8u144-linux-x64.rpm  

oracle jdk installation

Now, to make the Oracle one the prefered JVM:

alternatives --config java  
alternatives --config javac  
alternatives --config javaws  

java alternatives

Now time to check everything is as we want:

java -version  
javac -version  

java version

Now, running the installer again:


First thing it will ask you is to accept the Software License Agreement:
tizen license

Choose where to install the SDK:
tizen sdk location
And… et voilĂ :
tizen finish installation

Once the installation has finished, it will by default launch the package manager:
tizen package installation
Some of the packages, like the emulator, will need extra permissions:
tizen package sudo
Here is the list of the packages I installed:
tizen packages installed

Everything is ready…:
tizen first launch
Oh oh… seems that we need to fix something manually…

Quick investigation lead me to finding out there is a tool named sdb and apparently is missing a library:
sdb missing library
A quick research on-line lead me here. I don’t really like the solution of installing the Ubuntu library system wide, so I decided to do a small workaround:

mkdir -p /home/marc/Code/SDKs/tizen/ubuntu_libraries  

And I copied from this package the files and into that folder.
Turn to create a file in /home/marc/.local/.bin/tizen with this content:

#!/usr/bin/env bash                                                                                        
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/marc/Code/SDKs/tizen/ubuntu_libraries  


chmod +x /home/marc/.local/.bin/tizen  

Now I simply need to type tizen and my Tizen Studio will launch:
tizen studio running

WARNING: if you launch the SDK from the menus this will not work. The menu entry will still launch /home/marc/Code/SDKs/tizen/tizen-studio/ide/ You can either modify the menu entry or start the IDE via my launcher

Happy hacking!!!