Tizen SDK on Fedora 26

I recently bought a Samsung Gear S3 which uses Tizen as its operating system.

As I have been trying to improve my development skills, I would also like to develop some app for the watch ( my first thought was something related to Telegram ).

Let’s start with installing the SDK!

Get the SDK from here. Samsung doesn’t officially support anything other than Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu but I thought I could give a try to installing it on my Fedora Workstation.

Once I downloaded the installer and tried to run it:

chmod +x web-ide_Tizen_Studio_1.2_usa_ubuntu-64.bin  

There is apparently something not right:
run installer

So some dependencies are missing? let’s install them:

dnf install libgnome qemu-user expect  

install dependencies

Triggering again the installer brought me to this:
OpenJDK not supported

If you follow the link suggested:

java jdk webpage.

Trying to download the JDK will lead you to:

sdk rpm download

Download the 64 bits RPM (after agreeing to the license, of course…)

Now it’s time to install it:

dnf install jdk-8u144-linux-x64.rpm  

oracle jdk installation

Now, to make the Oracle one the prefered JVM:

alternatives --config java  
alternatives --config javac  
alternatives --config javaws  

java alternatives

Now time to check everything is as we want:

java -version  
javac -version  

java version

Now, running the installer again:


First thing it will ask you is to accept the Software License Agreement:
tizen license

Choose where to install the SDK:
tizen sdk location
And… et voilĂ :
tizen finish installation

Once the installation has finished, it will by default launch the package manager:
tizen package installation
Some of the packages, like the emulator, will need extra permissions:
tizen package sudo
Here is the list of the packages I installed:
tizen packages installed

Everything is ready…:
tizen first launch
Oh oh… seems that we need to fix something manually…

Quick investigation lead me to finding out there is a tool named sdb and apparently is missing a library: libcrypto.so.1.0.0:
sdb missing library
A quick research on-line lead me here. I don’t really like the solution of installing the Ubuntu library system wide, so I decided to do a small workaround:

mkdir -p /home/marc/Code/SDKs/tizen/ubuntu_libraries  

And I copied from this package the files libcrypto.so.1.0.0 and libssl.so.1.0.0 into that folder.
Turn to create a file in /home/marc/.local/.bin/tizen with this content:

#!/usr/bin/env bash                                                                                        
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/marc/Code/SDKs/tizen/ubuntu_libraries  


chmod +x /home/marc/.local/.bin/tizen  

Now I simply need to type tizen and my Tizen Studio will launch:
tizen studio running

WARNING: if you launch the SDK from the menus this will not work. The menu entry will still launch /home/marc/Code/SDKs/tizen/tizen-studio/ide/TizenStudio.sh. You can either modify the menu entry or start the IDE via my launcher

Happy hacking!!!

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